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An easier way to purchase services


Does research take too much time?


Do you re-explain your RFP to vendors?


Do you worry about protests?


Do you have to write lengthy RFPs?


Is your budget too small?


Do you spend a lot of time on contracts?

We teach a 4-phase process designed to help you purchase anything, without doing everything.

"[I am] highly impressed with a simple structure, based on a logical philosophy about alignment of resources. [KSM Inc] can lead us to better products, room for innovation successful partnerships."

Piet-Hein Kolff, Netherlands

What is different about KSM Inc?

We teach a 4-phase process designed to cut your workload in half.


Eliminate all preliminary research on services.

Write an RFP in less than 1 hour.

Decrease vendor submittals to 5 pages or less.


Stop all protest with a transparent tracking system.

Vendor-driven contract creation.


Best Value for the lowest cost!

Save up to 30% on all project costs!

"I have been successful in the business of procurement for the past 30 years. I saw in BVA, improved solutions of contract administration issues that are so dominant, that I am willing to change my approach to the business after 30 years."

Ray Jensen, Former Associate VP - Arizona State University


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About our Best Value Approach

The Best Value Approach (BVA) was developed by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi in 1992. It has been tested over 2,000 times delivering $6.6B of services in 10 different countries. In 2019, 27 years later, the first 3 states, who utilized the BVA, Hawaii, Utah and Oklahoma, are utilizing a “Cadillac” version that is semi-automated and saves 30% of the project costs. BVA is the most licensed intellectual property (IP) developed at Arizona State University, voted the Most Innovative University in the country for four years in a row. 2019 is special because BVA is being utilized by one of the largest professional consulting companies in the world for the first time. The 2019 version of the BVA is a New Project Management and Risk Management model that automates both responsibilities. It is a game-changer in the optimization of services in the age of information systems and robotics. Every organization who buys services should be exposed to the visionary BVA experts at the Best Value Conference.

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Honors & Awards

2016 Saint Louis School Academic Innovation Award

2012 IFMA Fellowship

2012 Dutch Sourcing Awards

2011 IFMA MSP Ch. Facility Practitioner of the Year

2007 COAA Gold Award

2007 FCM’s Station Style Gold Medal in Design Excellence

2005 H. Bruce Russell Global Innovators Award – Harvard University

2001 Pono Technology Award – State of Hawaii

Meet the Founder

Former ASU Professor, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, is the author of the Best Value Approach, founder, and Director of PBSRG and KSM Inc., a Fulbright Scholar and Coordinator of CIB W117 Performance Measurement in Construction. His performance line includes: 

  • Leading $1.3 Billion Dutch Government infrastructure project
  • 31 international honors and awards
  • 350+ Publications
  • 700+ Keynotes, talks, and presentations
  • 14 years of service in the United States Air Force

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